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Front page of Solomon's website on a monitor.

My Role: Web Designer, Graphic Designer

Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Wix, HTML, CSS, Google Domains

Timeline: Two weeks in September 2017 for creation. Updates applied in July 2019.

The Problem - Solomon Strauss needed the tools to begin attracting clients. He needed a website with contact and event functionality, and he needed logos and a business card.

The Outcome - I created a website with services, event listing, and a contact form. I also created two logos and business card for Solomon.

The Logos

Solomon wanted two different logos. He wanted to use one for his personal branding, and the other he wanted for later use as store front branding.

The Business Card

The Website

The website is live at

Solomon wanted a cost effective, easy to use, and easy to update website. We decided to use the Wix platform, as it fits all those requirements.

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