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a laptop showing Redsigned Blog for Seans's Wild world

My Role: UI/UX Designer, Web Designer

Tools: HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress

Timeline: One Week

The Story - Sean is a young conservationist, and he spreads conservation education with the world via his blog.

The Problem - Sean wanted to modernize his blog. He feared he was not being taken seriously due to the bright colors, in-cohesive theme, and lack of follower features.

The Outcome - Sean's Wild World has one cohesive theme, and added the ability to gain an email following, and also integrated his Facebook and Instagram feeds to his blog.

Style Guide

style guide - colors: dark grey #333346, med grey, #9b9b9b, light grey #dddddd, white #fafafa, with fonts, Fondamento for headings and Lato Regular for body text

Final Site

The final site is live at

Sean wanted a user-friendly platform to host his blog. He was already familiar the posting process of Wordpress, so that it what I implemented for him.

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